Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Skeena Area 4 Opening today

Yet another gillnet opening announced for today in Area 4 Skeena...that's two days consecutively. Nevermind high impacts on steelhead and other non-target species, but the emphasis placed on further openings listed below is of concern: It isnt related to impacts on non-target species....the warning is related to fisher behaviour....with the translation being: follow the rules or you dont get to fish. Unfortunately, as weve explored in previous posts, we cant seem to recall DFO ever following through on this threat.
Of note also: this will be opening number 10 in Area 4 for gillnets. Their 10 year average is 12 openings....Isnt it time the DFO wound down their fishery, afterall the preseason forecast was for only 5 days of fishing.....?

Fishery Notice for today's opening:
The commercial gill net fleet is reminded that the success of this selective fishery is critical to their future access to Skeena sockeye.Extensions and further fishing days will be directly dependant on compliance to the above restrictions.

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deanbc said...

This is starting to seriously get out of hand. This is a critical time for Steelhead and it is obvious that these back to back to back to back, etc, openings are having a very devistating impact on the Steelhead run at a very important time. Here is a novel approach...why can't the DFO stagger the openings during this peak time? One day open for netters one day for the Steelhead. That's a fair compromise, isn't it? Also, I am beginning to think that this Sein ITQ is just another DFO gimmick, it (ITQ) in theory seems better but actually, it allows more boats on the water for a longer period of time until the quoata (whatever that is)is reached. All of the smoke screen listings about "following the rules" is just that a smoke screen to cause us to think that they have or are changing their ways?

Here is my challenge to the DFO...if you really care about something other than netting and how many Sockeye can be taken, accept this challenge and shut down the netting for 3 days and watch how the Steelhead counts will jump. Of course that will prove that there is little or no compliance with bycatch release rules. But, lets see what happens?
Respectfully submitted,
Ralph Gaudio