Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fishery management Area 3, 2007

You would think one of the most basic goals of a fishery manager would be to ensure the continuation of the stock. In reviewing the 2007 Nass or Area 3 fishery you see this did not happen.
Quoted from the PSC (Pacific Salmon Commission) Technical Report (08)-1 2007 Review
"Meanwhile, the Nass aggregate sockeye return was well below average and half of the pre-season projected return, with a Total Return to Canada (TRTC) estimate of approximately 390,000 sockeye. The cumulative Area 3 marine commercial sockeye catch was 248,644. An above average return of pink salmon allowed for a harvestable surplus seine catch of 3 million pinks. The estimated net escapement of 164,748 Nass sockeye was below the 200,000 target. The Meziadin River escapement of 104,308 was below both the decadal average (183,000) and escapement target (160,000) to the most productive sockeye system in the Nass drainage."

And yet in 2007 there were 14 gillnet openings and 22 seine openings in Area 3. Which begs the question: how do you allow that much commercial fishing prior to ensuring the proper escapement? And for allowing this to occur, the grade for fishery management in Area 3 for 2007 is an F.

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