Friday, July 25, 2008

Area 3 Nass and Alaskan Update to July 25

Nass/ Area 3 Update to Friday July 25
Next opening for gillnets in Area 3 is Sunday 27th July.
Fisheries conducted so far: gillnets: 6 seine :3
Total commercial harvest to July 24: 32,491 sockeye, 7946 Pink, 12,288 Chum, 391 Chinook

Alaskan catches are well below average to date. Average sockeye catch in Southeast Alaska is 714,000 from 1999-2007. The catch to July 25th is 59,440 of which Nisga'a Fisheries estimates approx. 24,000 are Nass sockeye. This is below the 1999-2007average catch of Nass sockeye which is 165,000.

Nass chinook salmon are below average.The 2008 return to date is the third worst on record since the start of the Nisga'a Fisheries Program in 1992.
Nass Pink are below average for this date
Info courtesy of Nisga'a Fisheries

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