Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kitwanga Update to Aug14th

Kitwanga Update to Aug.14th
Information courtesy of Gitanyow Fisheries Authority
The Kitwanga River Salmon Enumeration Facility has been in operation since July 11, 2008 under slightly higher than normal water conditions, and total salmon counts to the night of August 14, 2008 are as follows:

Sockeye = 82
Chinook = 751
Pink = 26
Chum = 0
Coho = 0
To date 82 sockeye have moved through the fence which is still the lowest count to the day ever recorded since accurate enumeration was initiated in 2003. Based on average run timings seen previously approximately 36% (max. = 58% / min. = 12%) of the run has usually moves through the KSEF by August 14 in any given year.
If this years run timing holds true to average run timings observed previously we predict that the sockeye escapement to the Kitwanga for 2008 will be ~ 250 fish. It should be noted that 32 sockeye came through the KSEF yesterday after the river rose slightly following a rain storm event. Most of the sockeye were coloured, and in advanced spawning condition, probably indicating that they had been holding in the Skeena and or Kitwanga River for some time.
Chinook escapement through the KSEF continues to be low, the lowest ever recorded to the date since accurate enumeration started in 2003. Usually by August 14 our chinook escapements ~1,900 fish and ~80% of the run would have moved through the site in any given year.
We counted our first pink salmon on August 6, the latest arrival ever recorded for pink salmon at the KSEF since accurate enumeration commenced in 2003. To date the pink returns look poor, compareable to what was observed in 2006 when less than 12,000 escaped to the system. To date we have not seen any chum or coho salmon. In previous years the first chum was observed between July 28th (2005) and August 21st (2006), and the first coho between August 7th (2005) and September 1st (2006).
Information courtesy of Gitanyow Fisheries Authority


Richard said...

Is there any paarticular email address where we send messages to?


North Coast Steelhead Alliance said...

well Richard for the Kitwanga issue you could send e-mails to :
Sprout, Paul
Einarson, David
Peacock, David PeacockD@PAC.DFO-MPO.GC.CA

This would cover the Prince Rupert managers and their boss in Vancouver.