Monday, September 08, 2008

Kitwanga update to Sept.07th.

Here's the latest Kitwanga counting fence report to Sept 7th.
Information courtesy of Gitanyow Fisheries Authority

The Kitwanga River Salmon Enumeration Facility has been in operation since July 11, 2008 under normal water conditions, and total salmon counts to the night of September 7, 2008 are as follows:
Sockeye = 274
Chinook = 1,444
Pink = 2,539
Chum = 23
Coho = 42
A total of 274 Sockeye have moved through the fence to date. Based on average run timings seen previously, approximately 78% (max. = 99% / min. = 31%) of the run has usually moves through the KSEF by September 7 in any given year. If this years run timing holds true to average run timings observed previously, we predict that the sockeye escapement to the Kitwanga for 2008 will be approximately 350 fish.
Chinook escapement through the KSEF is almost complete. To date the escapement is the the lowest ever recorded since accurate enumeration started in 2003. The average escapement from 2003-2007 was approximately 2,400 adults, therefore the 2008 is significantly lower than the norm.
Pink salmon returns are the lowest on record since accurate enumeration commenced in 2003.
Very few chum / coho salmon have been counted to date.

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