Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pause in posts

The staff at NCSA would just like to inform folks who follow the blog that this is a busy time of year in Skeena country. Most of our 'staff' is busy with the steelhead fishery and this makes it tough to keep the information flow going.
We apologise for this and we will be trying to post sporadically until the end of October. We are not stopping by any means....but the posts will be a little more spread out.
There is still alot of work to be done...as this summer showed. As soon as we get the steelhead fishing season over with it will be back to work on changing the management of the Skeena fishery.
Dont forget to send us any pictures of great Skeena steelhead any NCSA members or supporters catch. We'd love to see them....and might end up posting some in the future. We'd also be interested in seeing net-scarred fish also.
Good luck out there and tight lines.
NCSA Staff


Richard said...

Thanks for all information and effort you made to make this blog possible. I really appreciated. Yeah! it's your turn now. Enjoy nature.

Paul Holden said...


I have just come across a most disturbing report, which recommends limits on the number of days non-residents may fish and a lottery for the right to do so. I would like to know where NCSA stands on this issue before contributing support.

Paul Holden

North Coast Steelhead Alliance said...

At the 2006 NCSA Annual General Meeting in Hazelton, it was decided by vote that the NCSA should not get involved in the management of anglers. Our focus is on the fish.
We do lobby for the benefit of the sportfishery in general, but decided the Quality Waters issue was not for us to get involved in. We have not put forth any submissions or critiques to the QWS process.
The Plan you might have seen is a DRAFT Plan that presents options for further discussion/input from the public, I believe.

deanbc said...

Paul however makes a very good point. If we are going to contribute to the fight to preserve the fish we should be allowed to benefit from our efforts and contributions. If not why would he and others like him really want to join. In my case, I join and send letters and contribute because I am concerned about the fish. Where I grew up, in my lifetime I have witnessed the total elimination of the Eastern Brook Trout...a treasure lost forever. So, I think both sides here need to think about their respective positions. Perhaps NCSA needs to make sure people, especially us Aliens get to enjoy the resource and Paul...we need, sorry, the fish need your help!

Anonymous said...

Paul Holden makes a fair point. I too would like to support the NCSA but will I be just funding the same people who want rid of me and my money from their area? I've just returned from a month in Skeena Country, less a few thousand well spent bucks.I found a couple of the guides to be less than cordial whereas in the past I've only had positive experiences with them. The NCSA state they are non committal on the issues of the QWS but by stating that they are by default supporting them. At a time when Steelhead need all the allies and funding they can get it is alarming that the guiding fraternity are pursuing this self serving agenda.

North Coast Steelhead Alliance said...

NCSA is made up of a diverse group of people from guides, resident anglers, conservationists, non-resident anglers, etc....I can appreciate your concern and perspective with regard to this issue but would urge you to try and separate the two issues of conservation and the QWS process.
I would state that you would not be funding the 'very people' you feel are trying to restrict your access to Skeena angling. NCSA does not partake in any of the QWS process so your generous donations cannot be used against you as you intimate.
I'd cordially disagree with your view that by taking a non-commital position the NCSA is by default supporting the DRAFT plans more contentious proposals.
This issue was debated heatedly at our 2006 AGM and the consensus evolved that it would be counter-productive....even catastrophic... for the NCSA to take sides in this QWS process.
Please be assured that while individual members are entitled to their opinions on this issue, the organisation is focussing solely on fighting for the fish and the sportfishery on the whole. We are not in this to talk to DFO forever...we are in this to win...and we need your continued support to enable this.
Thanks for your time.