Sunday, May 31, 2009

Commercial fishing lobby site

Here is a new website ( developed by some pro-commercial fishing group to counter all the 'bad' press they've been getting over the last few months, years, decades....

It makes for fun reading actually, seeing their perspective of how oppressed the 'joe average' gillnetter is and how they have been the victims of smear campaigns by those nasty enviro-eco types. Plus, those selfish steelhead folks who want everything for themselves just dont understand your average gillnetter. Interesting to see them frame the issue and speak of the food supply as if somehow gillnetters are akin to farmers....salt of the earth types....just trying to supply the world with yummy salmon to eat.
Not once do they acknowledge the non-selective nature of their chosen capture device.....your basic denial approach coupled with a blame everyone else element.

You almost...almost...have a tiny bit of empathy for them, but upon reflection that soon dissipates with the knowledge gillnetters have done little to change how they fish in over a hundred years. All the so called 'selective gillnet' measures they have promoted have holes in them the size of chinook mesh.....Bottom line is: when gillnetters fish, they kill most fish that encounter the net.....Hard to refute that basic fact backed up by study after study. Gillnetting is an outdated, imprecise, non-selective capture method that affords fisheries managers little leeway in attempting to meet various conservation or stock management objectives.

We are sure their site will provide some good fodder for future postings here. Stay tuned.

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