Sunday, July 05, 2009

2009 IFMP's finalised

Well, the Area Chief explained in his reply to our query last week that the IFMP will be finalised soon...and here is a Fishery Notice about them. We'll review them and look for any last minute changes.

The Integrated Fisheries Management Plans for salmon for 2009/10 have been released. These plans (one for coastal and interior waters of the Province of BC north of Cape Caution and one for south of Cape Caution including the Fraser River) outline management policies, specific management objectives, and decision guidelines for a wide range of fisheries and anticipated opportunities for First Nations, recreational and commercial fisheries. These plans were developed through consultation with a number of representatives of all stakeholders including the Integrated Harvest Planning Committee.

DFO manages the fishery to meet conservation objectives; to ensure that there are sufficient spawners to sustain populations while optimizing the economic benefits of Pacific fisheries. Harvest opportunities will be provided where abundance permits.

DFO is continuing to work with First Nations and commercial harvesters to move forward on Pacific Fishery Renewal and will be implementing demonstration fisheries for a number of fleets and areas in 2009. First Nations and commercial demonstration fisheries are intended to access defined shares of salmon, improve catch monitoring and improve the economic potential of fisheries while ensuring conservation of salmon stocks.

Plans for the Pacific Region can be found on our web site at:

Contact Jeff Grout at (604) 666-0497 or Kelly Binning at
(604) 666-4902.

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