Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alaskan 'fish farming'

In previous posts weve looked at the enormous salmon catches in Alaska that dwarf our Skeena harvests. Catches in the tens of millions that sometimes inundate and outpace the processing capability. Yearly catches over 100 million salmon occur in Alaska in some years.
Ever wondered where are all these fish coming from? Check out the link to a video on youtube:
Alaskan salmon 'ranching' is pumping out billions of smolts into the north Pacific rearing grounds for salmon creating massive competition for food for wild stocks.
In an interesting footnote, ocean ranching is what the commercial sector on our north coast is looking at to be its saviour. DFO has investigated several sites with hanging lakes that make for potential ocean ranching sites.
Just what the north Pacific needs, billions more mouths to feed....

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