Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another interesting Fishery Notice

This Fishery Notice copied below announces a seine opening in Area 3 that is interesting. Primarily because it announces what is basically a 'searching for fish' opening. DFO calls this an 'assessment' fishery and it looks like they are unleashing the seiners to go find some fish. No better way to see whats out there than send 40 or 50 seiners into an area and see what they catch.....modern fisheries management and stock assessment in action here folks.
The other interesting note here is the mention of sub-area 1 being open only to those boats equipped with onboard cameras. This is part of an electronic monitoring program DFO first mentioned in the Draft IFMP. Looks like DFO is offering incentives of opening certain areas in return for taking a camera onboard. Apparently, no takers yet though.
Also mentioned again is the observer program in effect in Area 3 (and hopefully in Area 4 when it opens.) We'll try to find out more about the observer program and report back. This is a significant change in monitoring for DFO and definitely a move in the right direction.

Category(s): COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Seine
Subject: FN0501-COMMERCIAL - Salmon Seine Area A Seine Opening Area's 3, 6, & 8
Area 3
Seines open 10 hrs 06:00 hours to 16:00 hours Mon Jul 13 in Subareas 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4, 3-7, 3-11, 3-13, & 3-17. Min bunt mesh 70 mm. V.O.# 2009-NCSAL-012

Special note: Subarea 3-1 is only open to seine vessels that have operating cameras installed and are subscribed to an electronic monitoring program, in accordance with the Area A conditions of licence. Currently there are no seine vessels subscribed to this program.

This is a sockeye and pink assessment fishery. Chinook, Chum, Coho, and Steelhead are mandatory release. Extensions will be based on the ratio of target species to Chum.

Seiners should be aware that there is currently an at-sea observer program in operation in Area 3. Vessels that are requested to take an observer on board shall do so, in accordance with regulation.

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