Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Greedy steelhead guides 'want it all'

Commentary from the UFAWU (United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union) Newspaper 'The Fisherman' regarding Skeena steelhead.
We'll examine the commentary in detail in a following post.
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Anonymous said...

"...satiate their compulsion to torture a fish for fun."

As opposed to killing a non-commercial fish as an adjunct to killing another one for profit (loss) and unemployment insurance later?

Pure nonsense.
Indefensible except as a personal Editorial.

I do note the author does use the AMP as a sword against the Steelhead Sport fish issue.
Not surprising.
Due to a lack of Conservation Focus within the mandate of the AMP it and this is predictable and arguable.
Too bad, this is a result of the shortsighted effort of the AMP----many more unintended consequences to come.


Anonymous said...

Using the AMP is just mis-direction and deflection of attention away from the gillnetters....classic technique used alot by the UFAWU. Basically blame everyone else for your own problems and totally deny any culpability in creating your own problems.
UFAWU always tries to frame this issue as 'rich tourists' versus the poor working stiff commercial fishermen.
We'll critique the commentary more thoroughly later.

Anonymous said...

Catch and release angling is a conservation tool. In order to be protected, the rivers and their fish need proponents. It would be a romantic idea to think that the existence value of these fish stocks and rivers/riparian habitat is high enough that they would be protected without having to rely on us interested anglers. Never happens, the government wants dollar values, the people need leaders, the fish and rivers need proponents. As responsible anglers we need to stand up and take the reins. Angling is our connection to the fish, the interaction fuels our desire to preserve in perpetuity. Catch and release steelhead and salmon angling breeds a strong conservation ethic it is now the time where we must use this ethic that most of us have, but are too scared, unambitious, or potentially unsure of. Less blog/forum dialogue, more direct action is needed.