Friday, July 24, 2009

Regional Sportfishing Update

Here's the regional fishing report from Wednesday, courtesy of Oscar's Sporting Goods in Smithers.

Prince Rupert
Fishing is very good around Rupert right now. Although they are still getting Chinook/Spring Salmon the Pinks and Coho are making up a higher percentage of the limits. Also a few Chums being taken. Most Coho are in the 8-12 pound range. Coyote Spoons in Size #4-5 in Cop Car, Army Truck and Chrome/Blue Prism are working well. Hoochies and Squid in the blue or green colors are good and Krippled Herring and anchovies are good. Many anglers enjoy using the various drift jigging lures such as Buzz Bombs, Pirkens and Zeldas. These drift jigging lures work very effectively for Coho and Springs but also for rockfish,cod, snapper and halibut. Fishing good around Eddy Pass, Squatterrie, Smith Island, Lucy, Melville, Dundas and Work Channel. Friends just returned from Rupert reported great fishing for all species.

Douglas Channel
In the outer reaches of the Douglas Channel Coho are now making up the bulk of the catch as most of the Spring/Chinook are in or close to their spawning streams. Some good catches of Halibut further out with some recorded in the 100+ range. Crabbing and Prawns also good if you take the time. Early returns with the Coho look promising.

The Kitimat Harbor fishery is still producing some Springs/Chinook but that will end soon as the fish enter the river

The Kitimat Tidal Fishery is still good but those days are numbered as fish make their way up river.

Kitimat River
Springs are throughout all open areas of the river from Highway Bridge down. Many anglers doing well on the float trips on this beautiful river. In Lower River bag is mixed with Pinks, Chums, Coho and Springs. Pinks taken on flies, Pink or Cerise Crystal Crocs and pink jigs. Coho and Chums will also hit these. Chum which can reach 30+ pounds in the river are bulldogs and fight strongly and smoke up very well. They take flies easily and Spin=n-Glos.

The Skeena although a little high is fishing well for Chinook and increasing numbers of Sockeye. The last two weeks of July is when the biggest salmon are caught. We are talking fish that may weigh 90+ pounds. Sockeye are in the 5-12+ range. The sockeye will be traveling through the river right into September. There are also some early Steelhead in the Skeena at this time of the year. The Sockeye fishery is very popular and can be done with a trout rod and reel loaded with 12-15# test mono. Flies or red yarn work well for sockeye and will also take pinks and steelhead. Hooks must be single and barbless and you need a Salmon licence to keep any salmon.

The Copper is fishable.

Kalum in good shape.

Morice River
The river is a beautiful shade of green and the fish are coming through. People are heading out to their favorite fishing holes and getting a couple here and there. Try bottom bouncing with 4-6oz weights, bar fishing with 8-12oz weights, or casting out some Koho or Kit-i-mat spoons.

Bulkley River
The river looks good and fish are rolling in the small pools. People are catching them anywhere from downstream of Moricetown, to upstream of Telkwa. Mostly fish are between 10-20lbs. Many people using roe while they can, as there is a bait ban on the Bulkley as of August 1st.

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