Sunday, July 26, 2009

Skeena Area 4 Closure Continues

Here's an updated version of the usual expected commercial fishing season....about July 13- August 8th.
As you can see they have lost just over half the expected fishing time so far this year waiting for the sockeye run to appear in any numbers. The expected commercial fishing season dates are not written in stone, but it would take some unusual circumstances to allow fishing, especially gillnetting, into mid-August these days.

The last Fishery Notice announced another decision will be made on Monday as to whether any openings can occur in Area 4. But with the latest Tyee Index sockeye number of only 14.93 for Friday it's not looking too promising for the commercial fishermen.
But if you are a Skeena summer run steelhead, especially an early run fish....things are looking up for a change.

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