Friday, July 03, 2009

Skeena sockeye run size estimates

As noted in the North Coast Salmon Update #3, the Skeena sockeye numbers are lagging behind the DFO forecast right now. And although it is still early, this is definitely a concern for fishery managers.
Here are some numbers that reflect their concern:
For the week ending June 30 the cumulative escapement estimate was 32,509.
The average from 1980 to 2000 is 79,676.
The DFO Area Chief notes the sockeye Tyee Index is the lowest since 1999.
As of July 1st 65.61, while the average for the 2000's is 162.87 and the average for the 90's is 97.45.
But, fish are on their own schedule so more time is needed before a run size forecast reduction is thought about.
Hopefully, DFO is keeping in mind the tendency for Tyee to overestimate sockeye returns for the last 3-4 years....

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