Thursday, July 09, 2009

SkeenaWild Report Card on Fishery Management

From the Skeena Wild website, here is their Report Card on DFO's Skeena fishery management.

July 2, 2009 (TERRACE, BC) – Skeena salmon harvest rates were set too high and federal managers failed to meet federal obligations to Skeena First Nations. Those are two findings contained in the first annual report card on the Skeena wild salmon fishery, issued today by SkeenaWild Conservation Trust.

The report card assigns grades in seven focus areas and is based on the outcome of the 2008 fishing season.

Download the report card (PDF format)

“There are indications that Skeena wild salmon management moved in the right direction compared to previous years,” said SkeenaWild executive director Greg Knox. “But if issues around harvest rates aren’t addressed for the 2009 fishing season, we’re going to see weak salmon stocks put at even greater risk of extinction.”

The report assigns the following grades:

Harvesting: E
Habitat: D
First Nations: E
Economy: C
Enforcement: C-
Communication: C+
Collaboration: D

“We want to provide people living in the Skeena with an at-a-glance overview of how well their salmon are being managed,” said Knox. “Our organization’s goal is to make the Skeena a global model of wild salmon management, and our annual report card will be an important tool for charting our progress.”

SkeenaWild’s next report card, based on the outcome of the 2009 fishing season, is due to be released this October.

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