Thursday, August 06, 2009

Only 3rd Ever Area 4 Skeena sockeye closure

With the closure of the Area 4 Skeena sockeye fishery this year, it got us thinking about other such complete closures.
With some inquiries to DFO North Coast, we found that 2009 will be only the 3rd year for such a total closure. The first year it happened was in 1999, then again in 2005.
Many people, us included, thought 1998 was a year with no commercial fishing, but there was actually some early fishing before the plug was pulled.
And for older folks who remember labour strikes in the '80's, the fishery was still opened to allow non-union boats to fish.
So this closure appears to be a fairly unique occurence.

(Not to be downers but, remember just because there is no commercial fishery in Area 4 this year, steelhead still have to endure impacts from; the S.E. Alaskan fishery, the Area 3 commercial and food fishery, and the Area 4 food fishery, the Tyee Test Fishery impacts, the various upriver food fisheries, the various sport mortalities, plus the usual assortment of natural predators such as seals, sea lions, etc.)

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