Thursday, August 20, 2009

DFO Minister AWOL

Article from the Courier Islander about DFO Minister Shea attending a fish farm trade show in Norway...while our Pacific salmon, most notably the Fraser river sockeye, are in the middle of a major downturn.
Definitely shows where this Minister's priorities are doesnt it...?? Wonder if she has ever even visited British Columbia or knows what a salmon is??

The Courier Islander, 19th August 2009

All hail Minister Shame

The Federal Fisheries Minister has a new name - Gail Shame. It was simple, add an M, transpose the E and the A and understand that while Rome is burning, she is fiddling around.

While British Columbia is facing its worst collapse of major salmon runs, where is Minister Shame? Well, she is in a fish farming trade show.

Rural communities on the coast are suffering, and she's in Norway. First Nations are suffering, and she's in Norway. A precious icon of this great province is disappearing, and she's in Norway. At a fish farming trade show. Her ministry doesn't know what happened to 11.6 million sockeye, but they're sure it has nothing to do with fish farms, and she's in Norway, at a fish farming trade show. How conveniently coincidental.

There can be only one reason why she's there. Secret agent Shame is reporting to the Norwegians that she has just about completed her mission - that of ridding the coast of wild Pacific salmon.

How heartless and unsympathetic can Minister Shame be? How much more of this blatant incompetence and these misguided priorities can we take? More importantly how much more can our salmon take?

Not much, it would appear. Minister Shame's agenda is the Hell's Gate of salmon management. The blinders she and her minions have on must be torn off and if they are fastened too tightly, the heads should come too.

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