Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Nass Gillnet opening results

There are a number of weak chinook and chum stocks in Area 3 that are currently
in the rebuilding phase. Fishers are requested to release all live chinook and
chum in Subarea 3-7 to the water with the least possible harm. Operating
revival boxes are mandatory and may be used to revive fish prior to release.

The Fishery Notice concerning this opening includes the above description. The results for the opening reflect little concern for the voluntary releasing of chinook apparently with 199 chinook kept...But no mention of how many released.

This seems to be the trend with these early openings. If sockeye fishing is poor then keeping these other species, especially valuable chinook, pays for the gas. Or maybe the kept bycatch pays for the whole trip rather than the value of the 'target species'.
Might be time to re-think this 'voluntary release' request by the Dept.
Gillnet Opening Results
Boats: 150 Sockeye: 3512 Chum: 43 Chinook: 199

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