Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Update on Skeena chinook fishery

Here is the updated results from the gillnet chinook opening taken from the North Coast Update #1.
So, the lowest catch ever for this fishery....Averages out to 5.5 chinook per gillnetter. I wonder if that covers gas and costs for a 30 hour trip...doubtful.
You have to wonder with Tyee chinook numbers down why did this fishery take place?? Wouldnt those 700 hundred or so fish be useful on the spawning grounds in a low return year??
But as we all know, DFO fishery management is all about trade-offs...and these chinook were obviously deemed more important for socio-economic purposes than spawning purposes.

Chinook Gill Net Fishery:
Fishery opened for 30 hrs Jun 24-25.
135 gill nets caught 746 chinook. That is the lowest chinook catch for this fishery, when comparing to previous years catches. No further chinook gill net fishery is being planned unless the run size increases significantly.

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