Tuesday, July 06, 2010

MSC Certification and Skeena

Article of interest for Skeena with regard to MSC Certification of the sockeye fishery as 'sustainable'.

As Skeena Wild's Greg Knox points out, DFO has to meet 19 conditions set by MSC before Certification really happens, but whether DFO actually moves to address the conditions is full of uncertainty. Steelhead bycatch is an issue outlined in several of those MSC Conditions of Certification.

Since the Conditions have a 5 year, or less time, timeline many observers are thinking DFO has very little intention of meeting them all and just basically bought more time for the status quo.

And since fish marketers are allowed to claim MSC Certification while these Conditions are being met...the public consumer is blissfully unaware of the lack of real change to management.


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