Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New book on the Babine River coming soon

It is our pleasure to announce an upcoming new book on the angling history of the Babine River has been brought to our attention. Co-authored by guide Pierce Clegg and writer Peter McMullan, the book presents a glimpse into the world of the Babine river steelhead fraternity. With a foreword by noted writer and columnist Mark Hume and containing chapters from various sources such as longtime clients, other guides, colorful locals, the book looks like one of those 'instant classics'.

Says co-author, Peter McMullan "...It been a lengthy process for all sorts of reasons but we think we have a worthwhile book to show for our efforts. It's a coffee table format, 8.5" x 11", with 192 pages, a full Index and more than 150 photos and original illustrations, the majority of them by fishing artist Dave Hall, from Glide, OR who you may well have met or at least know of from his work for recent steelhead books by Dec Hogan and Lani Waller. There will be two versions of Babine, a regular hard cover edition with a dust cover ($49.95 US) and a special numbered, signed and boxed issue of 200 ($195 US)."

McMullan continues to describe how "...all authors' royalties from sales will go straight to the Babine Watershed Monitoring Trust along with a special additional contribution from publisher Frank Amato so the more books sold the greater the benefit to the Babine watershed and indeed the whole Skeena System."

Apparently, copies are close to reaching our shores as we speak and should be in circulation shortly. Pre-orders are being taken at Amato Books:http://www.amatobooks.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=AmatobooksCom&Product_Code=9781571884626

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