Thursday, June 30, 2011

North Coast Salmon Update #2

DFO Northcoast Salmon Updates #2

Above is the link to the DFO North Coast Salmon Update page.
Highlights of Update #2 to Wednesday June 29 include;

Skeena Sockeye:
-states IFMP forecast was 1.5M (1st Draft stated 1.7M)
-as of June 28th the forecast is now downgraded to 1.4M (range of 700,000 to 4.5M)
-only 3% of return past Tyee makes predicting return very uncertain
-first gillnet sockeye opening not expected until at least July 12th
-29 steelhead reported to have been 'released'
-seems strange to wish for low sockeye returns, but note that the only thing that has really benefitted Skeena steelhead historically has been low sockeye returns which equal low commercial fishing effort

Skeena Gillnet Chinook Fishery:
-with the poor Tyee chinook numbers the potential 2nd gillnet opening has been cancelled
-no reason given why they had the first gillnet opening with such dismal numbers
-chinook at 54.41 with the 2000's average being 120.50

Area 3 Sockeye Fishery:
-3 gillnet openings so far
-125 to 127 gillnetters participating
-sockeye catch up to 20,234
-chinook catch up to 534; released only 63 (so much for rebuilding depressed chinook stocks via 'voluntary' release)
-39 steelhead are reported to have been 'released' by the gillnet fleet (wonder what the real number is??)
-chum release is at 233 (again, wonder what the real number is??)
-another opening planned for July 4th
-meanwhile, the Nisga'a Updates indicate the Nass sockeye run tracking slightly below average right now, but DFO keeps lining up the gillnet openings...

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