Wednesday, July 13, 2011

North Coast Salmon Update to July 12th, 2011

Here are highlights of the 4th North Coast Salmon Update. You can access the updates here: DFO North Coast SalmonUpdates

Area 4 Skeena:
Those large Daily Index  numbers for sockeye over the last few days have psuhed the return estimate higher. The sockeye return now is estimated to be 1.86M. And, as per the guidelines in the IFMP (Fisheries Plan) the allowable Canadian commercial exploitation rate has risen to 17%.
This might mean more gillnetting than the 4 days presented in the 2011 IFMP.

The seine ITQ ( Individual Transferable Quota) fishery is also scheduled to start on July 15th. These openings run 6 days per week 24 hours a day.

Mention is also made of the high water at the Babine River counting fence. Unseasonal high water is delaying clearing of the counting fence. Plans are to begin removing debris by the 18th July with partial operation by July 28th.

Area 3 Nass:
The Update presents catch data from the numerous Area 3 gillnet openings. Of concern is the noted chum release number at only 4000 or so while over 46,500 sockeye were caught. From examining previous years ratios the chum release numbers for 2011 look very low. Are chum in low numbers or are gillnetters just not good at counting? This imbalance is further reflected in the seine opening numbers. The 1 day seine opening released almost as many chum (4520) the 6 gillnet openings (4061) whcih seems strange.

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