Friday, July 22, 2011

Oscar's Fishing Report

Here is the first local Fishing Report from Steve and Alex at Oscar's.
Thanks guys.

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Have you looked at the weather report for our region recently? Rain, rain and more rain. There is some good fishing news however - just got to look for them:

Bulkley River

The Bulkley is still high and dirty. Not too many people fishing it. In the meantime the fish are zooming through. Good for the fish, not so good for the angler!

Morice River

Same story here: the river is high and dirty and fishing is tough! The boys at Frontier Far West had some good days last week but this week fishing is not happening!

Kispiox River

The Kispiox might be the place to go to right now. The river is high but it is fishing. Kispiox music festival this week! Will be a busy place.

Skeena River

High and dirty but the fish are definitely moving through. Fish are being caught at Kitwanga off and on. Back trolling is still the way to go! Bar fishing would be another option.

If river fishing is not in the cards for this weekend why not try one of the lakes? Take the entire family out and make it a camping outing! Don't forget to bring some tarps and rainwear.

Have you been out recently? Do you have new information? Fill out the comment section below and we will post your comments on our site!

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