Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tsimshian Inland Fishery info

The latest Salmon Update contains more information on this contentious inland fishery. This is another gillnetter in the lower Skeena (above the Tyee Test Fishery boat) fishing for economic reasons.

Inland Demonstration Fishery above Tyee (Kitsumkalum and Metlakatla)

The total landed catch was 595 Sockeye.  
- Total bycatch recorded by the monitor was 20 Pinks, 2 Coho, 5 Chinook, and 2 Steelhead.  All were released live and recorded as Vigorous Not Bleeding.
- There were no non-compliances observed (e.g. no prohibited species retained)
-There was one observer, who spent the day on the on the vessel and followed the catch back to Prince Rupert.
- There was a total of ten sets observed. There was a working revival box on and utilized for the entire day. All bycatch was put into the revival box prior to release with the exception of two large Chinook, which were too large. All bycatch was released vigorous not-bleeding, including the Chinook.

We still havent figured out just how long they the opening was for 5 days or until the quota of 544 was reached. DFO provides only 1 day of observer data so does this mean the fishery was only 1 day in length or just 1 of 5 days had observers...? From other DFO emails we know they fished on the Friday and probably Saturday but if not even basic information like how long did they fish is forthcoming how can we have any faith in other reproted items?
Given the uncertainty around this observer program, the update should really state " non-compliances reported.."

Have to laugh at the idea that all the released fish were recorded as "vigorous/not bleeding"....Of course the released fish were all 'vigorous' this whole experiment is to try and prove just how benign a regular gillnet can be for fish.
And of course, carrying on in this vien there is nothing in the Fish Condition column for things like scale loss, twine wounds, etc...?

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