Wednesday, August 03, 2011

More proof DFO's priorities ly with Industry

The recent 'retroactive' Fishery Notice...announcing a gillnet opening that had already taken place...really provides more proof just exactly where DFO's priorities lie.
It has come out that DFO informed the processors on Sunday of the planned opening on Monday....But DFO had failed to inform the public via the online Fishery Notice system or even more incredibly, the independant fishers who dont work for the processors.

We're sure DFO will use some lame excuse involving the 'long weekend' or some such BS...but if someone was around to make the decision to open a fishery, then you'd think someone would be around to send out the official notice to the Public (which also includes independant fishermen).

Just really more proof, as if we needed any, that DFO is continuing to maintain its primary role as the facilitator of the commercial fishing industry....everything else appears secondary.

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