Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lake Babine sockeye fishery

Is this the start of the demise of the gillnet???  If a greater percentage of the sockeye catch can occur up at Babine it would sure limit damage to our steelhead and other depressed species and stocks.


Anonymous said...

The problem is nobody in northern BC will support this fishery because they all hate FN's and everyone thinks they shouldn't have a right to sell salmon. What nobody understands is that this whole fishery is based on the massive surpluses from Fulton & Pinkut and it's vastly superior to gillnet fisheries because it's so selective! Too much redneck trash up here for this fishery to really get going. It'll never be viable.

Anonymous said...

Ever tasted a Babine caught sockeye and compared it to an ocean caught one? How about looked at a jar of canned sockeye; one containing upriver fish, the other ocean fish? The reason is well known. In fact, in the past upriver natives sought downriver fish and supplemented their diet with eulachan grease.
More than 2/3 of fats are used up as energy for upriver migration. This while the toxins remain and move to the little remaining fat. (google "magnification of toxicity in upriver-migrating"). Spawning ground fisheries are wasteful.
Mainstem fisheries occur where weak stocks are aggregated, They are dangerous.