Thursday, September 01, 2011

Latest Fishing Report from Oscar's to September 1st

Steve Hidber with a nice steelie caught recently.
Latest Fishing Report from Oscar's

Enjoy your long weekend! Go fishing!
Fishing report for September 1st.

Bulkley River

The entire Bulkley is in good shape. The water level is still fairly high for this time of year however. Let's hope for a drier fall. Pinks and Coho are being caught in the Bulkley. Use jigs, spinners or spoons for Coho. Blue, green and silver are the top colours. Colorado blades are also working. Fishing for Coho seems to be best in the lower parts of the Bulkley. Fish for them early in the morning for best success. A few Steelheads caught this week as well. Some on dry flies.... Way to go Lane....

Kispiox River

The Kispiox is high. It should come down unless we get hit with more of the wet stuff... Coho are in... Steelhead should not be far off...

Skeena River

The Skeena River is in good shape but still on the high side. Steelhead fishing is good on the lower Skeena.

Morice River

The Morice is in very good shape. Steelhead being caught in the lower parts of the river.

Babine River

The Sockeye fishery on the Babine River is now closed (no more retention). The water is still fairly high. Steelhead season is fast approaching on the Babine.

Babine Lake

Babine Lake is still producing lots of fish. The limit has been increased to 4 fish on the lake. Please see notice in the news and events section of our website! (osv

If you are going to the ocean please read the halibut notice on our news and events section!


Don’t forget that it is September 1st, and on most rivers you will now need your classified waters stamp and regardless if you are targeting them or not; your steelhead stamp.

Check your regulations book to be sure you have the correct licence!

A beautiful steelhead caught on the Babine River using a dry line. Nice job Steve!

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Anonymous said...

fucking sporties should be shut down for good, not the gillnetters, guys are catching more than they should be, not sticking by the rules and regs of the licenses.

Anonymous said...

i think you know thats bull-ony... your ridiculous. look at the facts bud.. something like 9 out of 10 steelhead entering a system with gillnets gts caught and dies. how can you target a specific species when your using a freekin net.