Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Commercial Openings Area 4 Skeena: July

Here is the list of commercial openings in Area 4 Skeena for July.
The Gillnet openings are generally 16 hours, with the exception of the first 'chinook' targetted opening on July 11 was 30 hours.
The seine openings this season are continuous 24 hours a day.


deanbc said...

Thanks for sharing these dates. So now if one goes to the Tyee test Fishery you can clearly see what this Blog and NCSA is trying very hard to point out. If there was compliance with the laws and non targeted fish like Steelhead were released, there would not be a significant drop in the numbers showing up that day netting is done at Tyee but yet there is. I have suggested this before and it is becoming even more obvious...one way to manage this thing that would in my opinion satisfy us all is if the netting dates were staggered, especially during the times when the run, of in this case, Steelhead are increasing. By doing this approach, some fish are allowed to move upriver in stronger numbers and I am sure the the "Fleet" can still take the allocation and they can have a few days off to boot. Of course the other way is to just correctly enforce the laws and manage the thing the way it should be managed to conserve vital non-Sockeye stocks which contribute as much if not more to the Northern BC Economy than Sockeye netting does. I hope we are not shaping up to what was experienced...if not last year because of the poor Steelhead run, to what was experienced in 2006 which devistated the upstream Steelhead run.
Also lets not be fooled by the smoke screen DFO writings and announcements about Compliance threats, its just that smoke screen "I guess they think we are stupid" stuff!!

North Coast Steelhead Alliance said...

actually I think 'timing' of openings is one of those red herring type issues...They are still fishing non-selectively with gillnets....Who cares when/how they open? They still kill non-target fish either way. They need to move towards selective methods...either a tangle tooth net or dont fish basically.