Monday, July 28, 2008

Fishery Management: pinks and chum

Sometimes when you review the DFO website for information you just stop and think...'what are they doing?...Here's one of those examples in relation to pink salmon. This year the Index for pink salmon is very low, a total flatline on the graph almost ( hit the pink tab on the gadget and check it out)....yet the Fishery Notice issued on Thurs July 24th announces an increase in quota for seiners for sockeye and pinks. The pink quota is up to 192,000 fish just for this past week.....yet the return seems one of the lowest on record....How does this happen?

Chum salmon share the same treatment....their numbers are down 74% below the 8 year average and yet we see no measures to lessen the impact of the fishing fleets on them. There's been no closures for chum salmon concerns. Non-retention ( not allowed to keep) is the only measure in place to protect chum salmon but it doesnt stop them from being by-catch. And when non-retention rules are in place there is no data ( at least public posted data) on how many they've impacted. It seems the old 'no data= no problem' is at work here.

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