Monday, July 21, 2008

Google gadget

Regular visitors to our blog should immediately notice the super-cool Google gadget located in the upper right of the page. It is loaded with up to the minute information from the Tyee Index and auto-updates. The green bars on the graph represent above average values for the day and the red bars are below average values for the day. There is a 'notify managers' hot button that brings up an e-mail with all the pertinent fishery managers contacts already listed....Ready for your comments on their management actions. Please use this responsibly.
To get a graphic representation of the huge sockeye abundance recently, check out the sockeye tab and see the tall green bars heading way above average.
Let us know what you think of this cool tool.
And for those who notice such things; on the steelhead tab, the small section of red (below average) does correspond to the 2 days of commercial openings last week....and then rebounds when they are closed.

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