Thursday, July 31, 2008

In the field research...

Today is a 'field research' day.....the Skeena Fisheries Blog crew is off to the Skeena river around Hazelton to investigate the number of sockeye in the river.
Stay tuned, as we do have more posts coming soon on; enforcement (or lack of it), the seine ITQ fishery, MSC Certification, and all the other usual topics.
Please let us know of any topics you'd like us to explore and any feedback in general on the site..whether its too technical...not technical enough....more educational...etc.etc..
We cant get better unless you let us know what interests you.
-working on why the google gadget isnt showing at the moment...will try to get it fixed


deanbc said...

Maybe you could list some historical data comparing numbers at the Tyee Test and netting days for years other than this year or 2006. It would be interesting just to see this information not that the numbers would be of a surprise. I assume it would be more validation of the actual facts.

Anonymous said...

I dont know whether you saw this post, deanbc...?
It shows how numbers of gillnetters and openings affect stld numbers at Tyee.