Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Keep an eye on August

With strong sockeye numbers still showing at Tyee, we need to keep a close eye on how the commercial fishery proceeds into August.
Remember the never-ending sockeye run of 2006....the fish just kept coming so DFO just kept scheduling openings....Can lightning strike twice so soon....sure, but hopefully DFO has learned it's lesson from '06....and '07....and the ISRP Report...etc..etc...and will manage in a more precautionary manner.
As we'd mentioned in previous posts, the gillnetters are coming up to their 10 year average for numbers of openings. And in a year where they thought no commercial fishing was highly probable, maybe they should be content with this level of activity and DFO should begin to wind down the fishery.
Depressed wild sockeye stocks will also play a role in deciding how far the fishery extends into August. Although very early, there are no sockeye past the Kitwanga counting fence yet.

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