Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Letter to DFO North Coast

Letter sent to DFO North Coast Area Manager yesterday on behalf of NCSA.

Dear Mr Einarson,
We are writing with the knowledge that today marks the beginning of the main commercial fishery here on the north coast. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you, as the person in charge of managing the commercial fishery, that a new direction in managing the fishery has been embarked upon. Earlier this year, the Independant Science Review Panel issued its Report and among its various recommendations was a severe reduction in the marine exploitation rate on sockeye in order to minimize impacts on weak stocks. Concurrently, a multi-sectoral process aimed at providing collaborative decision making in the management of the Skeena fishery is underway. The transition period we are in is going to be very challenging for all of us and we would implore you to err on the side of caution in any of your fishery management decisions for 2008.

While the recommendations from the Science Panel's Report are not yet fully integrated into the DFO North Coast management plans, the conservation sector strongly requests you follow the general theme of conservation and precautionary approach that the Report suggests in your management this season, no matter how many Fulton-Pinkut sockeye end up arriving.

We will be following your management actions very closely at this blog on-line http://skeenafisheriesblog.blogspot.com/


Keith Douglas

North Coast Steelhead Alliance

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