Saturday, July 26, 2008

Poll on selling Tyee Test Fishery steelhead

Well, the Poll on this topic is closed now. It looks like the majority were not in favor of the contractor on the Tyee Test Fishery boat being allowed to sell steelhead caught.

This is an interesting discussion because usually the 'Crown'...the very protective of its ownership rights in wildlife. If you found a dead critter of some sort and wanted to keep it...a dead eagle for would have to apply to the Fish and Wildlife Branch for permission to keep it. Invariably, you would be denied and the carcass would be turned over to F & W who would then possibly have a taxidermist mount it then donate it for educational purposes somewhere.
Yet, for the Province's figurehead sports fish this isnt happening in this particular instance. I've heard suggestions that these dead steelhead could be traded to upriver First Nations groups in lieu of them having to kill more steelhead for food fish. Possibly complicated to actually work out...but not impossible.
Or, what about the always cash strapped Provincial Fisheries Branch selling off these fish for its own profit? Then, at least, the profits go right back into fish management. Seems there could be better ways to utilise these fish than for private profit.

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