Sunday, July 20, 2008

Recent Sockeye numbers

Just thought folks might be interested in the magnitude of the recent push of sockeye coming into the Skeena.
The Indices for July 13 and 14th were 168.29 and 130.11.
For comparison other high daily values for sockeye on the Tyee sockeye Index are:
-July 20, 1975 daily index value of 221....highest ever
-July 29, 2000 value of 208
-July 17, 1982 value of 176
-July 16, 2000 value of 170
So you can see that July 13th this year was the 5th best for daily sockeye numbers at Tyee.
Remember, this Index value is multiplied by a variable to give the estimate of sockeye past Tyee on a given day.
Whether this means the sockeye run is much larger than expected, or just compacted into a short time period...or some other variable is yet to be determined.

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