Friday, August 08, 2008

Gillnetters lobbying action

Apparently, the Prince Rupert gillnetters are at it again with a planned protest at the DFO building in Rupert this afternoon. Being well organised by their union and having plenty of experience in the past, these guys are generally very good at protesting and causing a media scene. Possibly, they'll drag the Mayor of Prince Rupert out to say a few words about lost jobs because of forgone fishing opportunities as per the union line. Getting the Mayor out is pretty easy actually as the union representative also just happens to be a city councillor.
Let's hope DFO managers stick to their guns and not cave in to the pressure for more fishing. The previous post outlined how few Kitwanga sockeye have passed the counting fence and this should all the DFO managers need to strongly say NO to the fishing unions.
If the gillnetters continue in their protesting, we might need to organise our own support of DFO's precautionary management practices.

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