Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tyee Graph

Here is a graph showing this years Tyee Index compared to the 2007 Index and the 2000-2007 Average. The graphical presentation makes it easier to grasp than the number approach. Note, in 2007 the major drop right in the peak of the run....let's hope we dont see any of those in the coming days.
We are hoping to present more information in graph form as it is easier to absorb than staring at long columns of numbers etc. Let us know what you think.
Graph courtesy of Skeena Wild Conservation Trust.


Paul Holden said...


Nice chart. I suggest that you do a second one showing cumulative numbers compared with the average.


North Coast Steelhead Alliance said...

glad you like it.
will see what we can do on the cumulative one.

Greg said...

A picture is worth a couple Thousand words/numbers.
Good work, sir.

Greg Connolly

Richard said...

Thanks for all your effort.

I have a question. This year there were a huge jump in number after commercial fishing was ended in early Aug. How was last year? Do you have information when Commercial fishing was end?

Richard said...

Thank you for all of your effort.

I have a question. This year we saw a good jump of STHD after commercial fishing was end. Do you know when commercial fishing was end last year?

North Coast Steelhead Alliance said...

In 2006;the gillnetters ended on Aug.3 in Area 4 and the seines ended on Aug 17.