Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Updated commercial openings Area 4 July-August 2008

Here is the latest update on commercial openings for Area 4 Skeena up to August 06.
You can flip back and forth from July to August using the arrows


Steve Otto said...

So, on the seine fisheries, is your thinking something along the lines of: "Potentially less damaging since the steelhead don't struggle and die in the gillnet...but on the other hand, the seiners have to actually be careful with the fish and let the steelhead go." ???

In another post you referred to "ramping fish" -- what is this?

Sorry if I'm asking basic questions -- trying to catch up!

Thanks for your work.


North Coast Steelhead Alliance said...

Yes, Steve the thinking generally is that seiners have a better potential ability to fish selectively. Notice I said 'potential'...because, if the fishers dont take their time and carefully handle non-target fish the benefits are lost or not realized as much. Launching a fish overboard for release from the high deck of a seiner probably isnt a good method for high survival rates. But, since the seine net can be tightened and drawn close to the boat, then fish sorted through...sometimes still in the water..or then dip-netted (brailed) and sorted on deck prior to release....seining has a higher potential for releasing non-target fish in better shape than a gillnet.
"Ramping" fish is where the net is tightened at the rear of the boat and just hauled over the stern onto the deck. Obviously, this can cause severe stress...squishing of fish...etc..and results in much lower survival rates of non-target fish.
Ramping isnt allowed anymore in seine fisheries...however, it is the standard practice is Alaska.

deanbc said...

Can you tell at this point if netting is finished on the Skeena after 8/7?

North Coast Steelhead Alliance said...

as far as we know, YES, the marine component of the commercial fishery is over as of the end of this week. Having said that, we know the industry can exert extreme pressure for openings..and we shall see whether DFO holds firm or caves into industry demands.
Hopefully, DFO will do the right thing for the fish.