Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tyee Test Fishery numbers

For some reason the Index numbers are not posted on the DFO site and the google gadget isnt updating. But we have found these latest figures for the Index:
July 31: 4.69
Aug.1: 1.68
Aug. 2: .71
Aug3: 1.67
Aug 4: 3.64
Aug.5: 2.16
Aug.6: 2.81
61.47 season to date
Here is the link for the updated page on the DFO site


Steve Otto said...

Thanks! I've been wondering. A dip down to .71 ! Ouch.

deanbc said...

If you now read the new data posted on the website...the .71 results went away. Can we count on these numbers being accurate?

North Coast Steelhead Alliance said...

unless, I made a mistake writing them down...but I'm fairly sure I did it correctly..
hhmmmnn....interesting the yearly total is the same, but that one day Aug 2nd went from .71 to 2.37 somehow.
will have to look into that

Steve Otto said...

yeah, I just noticed the same thing