Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Blog starting again!

With the steelhead season slowly winding down it is time to turn our attention to the various pressing issues for Skeena steelhead.
We will be examining all the usual issues associated with Skeena steelhead; an examination of the 2008 the commercial fishery; updates on the in-land native commercial fisheries; updates on the fledgling Skeena Watershed Congress; examining the Tyee Test Fishery overestimation ( yes, I said Tyee overestimated the sockeye run); the molybdenum mine proposal in Smithers; and a host of other issues or events we find interesting with regard to Skeena steelhead and salmon.
Please let any interested folks know that we are resuming the blog and to look forward to some very interesting posts coming up shortly.


Richard said...

Hi, sorry that I'm posting same comment that I posted other day. Hope this will draw your attention and let other fishermen know what's going on up there.

Now we must discuss about ongoing draft of Angling Manamenet Plan.
It's the END of OUR steelhead fishing in the area.

North Coast Steelhead Alliance said...

Hello Richard,
Thanks for the post, but we are fairly aware of what is going on with the QW Process.
Just fyi the NCSA has chosen not to get involved with the Quality Waters debate. We will fight for the fish and the sportfishery in general, but the intersectoral aspects of the QWS are far too divisive an issue for our group to take a position on. This was decided at our 2006 AGM...so it is not a new thing just related to the discussions of recent times.

ps: there's lots of other places to discuss QWS; such as speypages, flybc, or many other fishing related forums