Saturday, November 08, 2008

Moly mine project in Smithers postponed

Moly mine in Smithers postponed.
News flash: It looks like the Davidson Project has been postponed by Thompson Creek Minerals.
This project had potentially controversial aspect of a pipeline pumping treated mine waste water with high arsenic levels into the Bulkley river.
Hopefully, this 'timeout' will allow a more thorough examination of this aspect of the project proposal.

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Steve Schmidt said...

I heard there is a draft available on the new non-resident guidelines. As a non-resident who has been using outfitters for the past 21 years, and done a little fishing on my own, I have some concerns regarding this and was wondering if it's possible to find a draft of this.

I have seen significant changes in the Skenna Fisheries over the years: Guiding, resident and non-resident anglers alike all have had an impact.

One of most significant concerns is should the new regulations be as restrictive as has been proposed, the Skeena and it's steelhead would loose a voice that represents a fair number of constituents that donate time and money to protect these magnificent fish.

I'm also concerned about the communities that rely on tourist dollars from visiting steelheaders each fall. When I was in Hazelton this fall for a couple of days, it was virtually a ghost town, except for the steelhead.

Given the plight of these fish throughout the northwest we can ill afford to loose support for this threated species.