Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Early Tyee Test Fishery operation

As recommended by the ISRP Report,( page 91, Rec #9) the Tyee Test Fishery was made operative earlier this year starting on May 25. And as NC Salmon Update #1 informed us, all the cumulative indices were 'zeroed' starting on June 10. June 10th is the usual Tyee starting date and this will enable comparisons between this year and previous years.

One item to note with Tyee opening earlier is the capture of steelhead....not fresh fish, but kelts returning to the ocean after spawning. The Area Chief informed us that 6 steelhead were caught during May 25 to June 9. And from June 10 to June 28 saw 27 kelts caught for a total of 33 captured.
No details were provided on survival, but we do know the longterm average mortality for Tyee is just over 50% DOA. And with these spawned out, weakened fish it wouldnt be unreasonable to presume most didnt make it.
We will inquire as to how effective this early Tyeeopening was given the very high water freshet that occurred.

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