Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Latest sportfishing update

Here is the latest regional fishing report courtesy of Oscar's Source for Sports in Smithers.


The weather is HOT and the water has colored because of some snow melt. Fish are being caught throughout the Bulkley. Lots of fish are rolling and jumping down in Moricetown. Anglers and fish alike are finding their favorite holes and spending time in them. Most anglers are hooking into fish between 12-30lb with the odd 40lb fish being caught.


The water is clear and lots of fish are being seen. Fishing is good and many anglers are taking their boats out and finding their favourite spots, while others are taking up their spots on the river bank.


The river looks great and fish are being caught. Many people are taking good sized fish home while others are content with just going for a swim to cool down .

Terrace area

The Skeena has dropped 1/2 meter in the last week and is fishing excellent for the Springs. One 70+ pounder reported in the last couple of days. Sockeye fishing is good right now and early summer run Steelhead are in the river as well as Coho, Chums, and Pinks. The Kalum is in good shape and fishing well for the big Springs. The Copper is fishable. Good fishing off the mouths of all feeder streams and rivers.

Kitimat River
The Kitimat is still giving up some big Chinook but the Chums and Pinks are the most abundant. Pinks keep everyone entertained and bite readily and are real suckers for Gibbs Cerise Crystal Crocs and pink jigs or pink/red flies. Be prepared though because the Chums and Springs will often take the same flies or lures. Some early Coho are also showing up in the river. I love fishing the Kitimat when it is boiling with fish and you don't know what the next fish will be.

Douglas Channel

Lots of Coho and Pinks being caught down the Channel. So far reports of a good Coho forecast are holding up. Bottom fishers doing well in some spots for Pacific Grey Cod and Halibut. Halibut fishing will further improve as some of these salmon carcasses start to wash down into the Douglas.

Prince Rupert

Fishing good around Rupert. Still some Springs but Pinks and Coho now making up the bulk of the catch. In Rupert as well as the Douglas Channel predictions of a good return of Coho seem to be holding true. Good catches from Porcher. Stephens, Lucy, Squatterrie, Melville, Dundas and Work. Bottom fishing off the more remote kelp beds and rock walls is always good with the various drift jigs. For drift jigging use a smooth 3-4 foot lift with a quick drop. Most bites come at the end of the drop. Use barbless hooks for quick release of unwanted fish.

Thank you and have a great long-weekend!

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