Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Local MP concerned with commercial industry

As further evidence of our local MP Nathan Cullen's sympathies for the commercial fishing sector, here he is standing in the House of Commons during Question Period. His inquiries are about why the commercial fishing industry didnt receive any financial assistance from the Government in the latest budget.
Gee, we dont know Nathan why...maybe because this barely viable industry is already subsidized enough by the Canadian taxpayer. Why shouldnt the commercial fishing industry participants bear the cost of management just as it is done in most other industries? There is something about farmers and fishermen when it comes to demanding government assistance. Why they are not treated like all other business people in society is a mystery.
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Anonymous said...

The problem with your attack on commercial fishermen and subsidies is that you ignore all of the major hidden subsidies that all other industries get: roads, transit, special tax breaks, government handouts of all sorts. The difference with fishing is that most fishermen are hard working people who have tried to accommodate. However, the obvious bias of the commercial sport fishery )which has received numerous handouts and preferential treatment goes on discussed in this blog.