Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Tyee Gadget

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like there is much intetest in this blog this year...I wonder vwhy?

North Coast Steelhead Alliance said...

The lack of a commercial gillnet fishery at the rivermouth has taken alot of impetus for action out of this season. So, people relax and dont see the need for continued examination of DFO actions.
Having said that, the user numbers have grown substantially from last year....so, lots of folks read the blog daily but dont see a need to comment or participate.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Seine boats are taking Steelhead...big drop in fish counts the last few days???

North Coast Steelhead Alliance said...

Unlikely to be because of the seiners; first, there is not that many of them fishing to make such an impact......and they are supposed to be selective fishing...i.e. brailing the catch.
Seines do inflict bycatch impacts on stld but not to the same extent as gillnetters.
Low stld Index numbers could be just that...low stld returning those days....or it could be related to the tides. Tides affect fish movement at the mouth. Tides are growing over the next few days.
Must admit to wanting to see much higher stld numbers given the situation.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry! There is interest in the blog this year. I think many of us are keeping a "watchful eye" thus far without commenting though we should show are interest in the positive numbers by saying something. This will show that wer'e not becoming too relaxed. Keep up the great work your doing NCSA!

RussT said...

Definitely watching your blog. Keep up the great work!

Paul Holden said...

Kathy, if it is you who is doing the graphs, could you also calculate them using the median instead of the mean. The median will give a more accurate picture of the state of steelhead returns - the mean is a statistic that can be distorted by a few very large runs.

Keep up the good work - you guys are doing a great job!!!

North Coast Steelhead Alliance said...

Thanks, Paul.
I do the graphs, but mostly just re-package and present information already collated by other organisations, including MOE, DFO, the various First Nations.
The Tyee data sets are are in 'averages' and it would be more work than I could do to continually update them to 'medians'. I will inquire to MOE and see why they use the 'mean'.

Monkeyface News said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog. I live nowhere near the Skeena, but our own salmonid stocks have collapsed in recent years. I realize you guys are salmon-steelhead oriented, but I'm wondering if you get smelt runs (hooligan, oolichan or eulachon) on the skeena. 20 years ago they still ran in the coastal rivers of California, but they have virtually gone extinct. As they are an indicator species, and a salmoniform, I've always wondered if their collapse was a warning of what was about to happen to the salmon... just wondering... nice bog.