Monday, July 20, 2009

Skeena Commercial Fishing Closure

Here's a graphic showing what portion of the fishing season has been lost due to the low sockeye returns so far. Obviously, for anyone concerned about steelhead, especially the early run component, the lack of commercial fishing is definitely beneficial.
Skeena sockeye numbers did jump somewhat today with a daily Index number of 76. It would require several days of much larger daily numbers to open the fishery we think. But, fish are on their own you never know when they might show up.
Basically, the more this delay in commercial fishing continues, the better off Skeena steelhead ( and other depressed stocks/species of concern) will be.

One worrisome aspect of all this is the potential for the sockeye fishery to be extended. If the sockeye do show up 'late' the impacts could be placed right on the peak of the Skeena steelhead run in early to mid August...Scary thought.

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