Monday, July 20, 2009

Skeena Recreational Sockeye fishery

With the Skeena sockeye commercial fishery still shut down, we thought we would clarify what is happening with the recreational fishery.
Here is a quote from DFO Area Chief on why the recreational fishery is still open when sockeye numbers are considered too low to allow commercial fishing:

The conservation limit that we use is 400,000 below which all fisheries are shut down. At 550,000 (ie 400,000 plus the FSC amount above Tyee) we start discussing FSC reductions with First Nations. At 650,000 we close the rec fishery. At 800,000 we reduce the rec fishery to 1. At 1,050,000 (the production spawning escapement target of 900,000 plus FSC) we start considering commercial fisheries. This is all in the Decision Rules for Area 4. Specifically, the rec decision rules are in section
The Skeena sockeye run was estimated at approx 895,000 late last week.

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