Monday, August 03, 2009

Ali Howard's Skeena Swim

Ali Howard's Skeena swim continues with a community events in the Hazeltons today.
Skeena Swim: Hazelton Community Event
Date and time: Mon, August 03, 2009 - 3:00 pm
City/Town: Kispiox, Glen Vowell and Hazelton, BC
Venue: Kispiox totem park (10:00am) and 'Ksan Campground (3:00pm)
Join Ali and the Swim for their first community event at the confluence of the Kispiox and Skeena rivers near the Kispiox Village Totem Park. This will be the first human contact the team will have had with anyone other than themselves in about two weeks… user discretion is advised. Then you are welcome to join the Swim team for the 3-4 hour float from Kispiox to Hazelton for an evening event at the ‘KSAN Campground in Old Hazelton. The Gitanmaax Band is hosting a feast to honor this momentous occasion… there will be live music and stories for all! The crowd at ‘Ksan will be huge and we know the Gitxsan have something special planned. You can also watch Ali swim under the “4-mile” bridge on her way to Hazelton!

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