Saturday, July 24, 2010

How much fishing can we expect in Skeena

So far in 2010 weve only had 1 sockeye gillnet opening in Area 4. That occurred on July 12. The second gillnet opening is announced for July 26th.

The graph above shows a rough representation of the expected usual commercial fishing timeframe. With an opening early next week it doesnt really leave much time for any great numbers of further openings this season. Or will DFO try squeezing multiple days per week of gillnetting in the next week or so..?? The answer probably really depends on how strong sockeye numbers are.

We could possibly end up with a couple more openings for a season total of 3 or 4.
Either way, 2010 is turning into another season where our early running steelhead have caught a bit of a break from the lack of commercial fishing. Good for them!

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